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Pulmonology Nishka Healthcare is endowed with state of the art facilities with highest standards. The branch deals majorly with diseases of upper respiratory tract, bronchus, lungs and pleura. Department also deals with sleep disorders, allergic bronchitis, immunotherapy and respiratory rehabilitation.

Our pulmonology team involves well trained and highly qualified pulmonologists supported by a team of intensivists, respiratory therapists and physiotherapists. The team works round the clock providing the best comprehensive care to the patients with a holistic approach.

Areas of expertise:

Bronchial Asthma



Pneumonia & Lung abscess

Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary hypertension

Pleural diseases

Obstructive sleep apnoea Syndrome

Lung cancer

ILD (interstitial lung diseases)/Occupational lung diseases

Thoracic trauma

Facilities available are:

  • Chest X-Ray
  • USG Chest
  • Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Fibre-optic Bronchoscopy
  • BiPAP or NIV therapy
  • Invasive Ventilation

When should you contact a pulmonologist?

Early symptoms of respiratory illness include persistent cough, breathing difficulty and chest tightness. Early treatment may help in treating lung conditions and prevent from progressing into serious diseases which can be fatal.

The warning signs for lung disease include:

  1. Persistent cough that lasts longer than 3 weeks
  2. Short of breath with or without exertion
  3. Excessive production of mucus, blood stained mucus or blood while coughing
  4. Difficulty in breathing/Noisy breathing
  5. Unexplained chest pains when breathing in or coughing
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